OPTIFLEX Aspheric IOL from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
  Acid Blue 90 Ophthalmic Solution for Vitreoretinal Surgery
  • Optiblue G is sterile solution of Acid Blue 90 (a non-fluorescenttriphenylmethane stain) and it is used as an aid in Vitreoretinal and Cataract surgery. The solution is pyrogen free, non-toxic, isotonic and ready to use.
  • Internal Limiting Membrane (ILM) is fine, multilaminar, transparent membrane 2.5Ám thick. It is a boundary between retina and vitreous body. ILM is a basement membrane for the Mueller cells of the retina. Cellular proliferation on the ILM causes distortion of the membrane, which can lead to theformation of epiretinal membranes (ERM) and macular holes.
  • The main technical difficulty is to remove and peel the ILM completely because it is transparent and multilaminar, making visualization challenging.
  • Optiblue G is used for better visualization of epiretinal membrane during Macular Hole and Pucker surgery. It has good affinity for ILM and facilitates its peeling. The surgically demanding removal of the ILM thus becomes easier and safer. It is also an effective and safe capsular staining for Continuous Curvilinear Capsulorhexis.
  • Blister containing 0.5 ml product in PFS with Luer-lock
  • Disposable 27 gauge cannula
  • Instruction for use