OPTIFLEX Aspheric IOL from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
MaterialHydrophillic Acrylic CQ UV
Optic TypeSingle Piece, 360° Square Edge with Aspheric Optic
Optic Size6.0 mm
Overall Size13.0 mm
Refractive Index1.462
Estimated A-Constant118.0
Recommended Optical A-ConstantsSRK - T 117.9
SRK - II 118.0
Holl 1 Const SF: 1.10
HOFFER - Q ACD: 4.85
HAIGIS: a0:0.71, a1:0.40, a2:0.10
Barrett : 1.52
Hill-RBF : 118.30
Diopter Range+5.0 D to +30.0 D ( with 0.5 D steps from +15.0 D to +25.0 D )
Implantation SiteCapsular Bag

Decreased Contrast Sensitivity is noticed in the conventional spherical IOLs due to the positive spherical aberrations. First generation aspheric IOLs have negative spherical aberrations. In case of decentration or tilting of lens, these IOLs become unacceptable in account of their higher order aberrations (HOAs). OPTIFLEX Hydrophobic Surface Acrylic foldable Aspheric Series IOLs are aberration free IOLs with aspheric anterior surface. This arrangement provides better performance and vision even in cases with Zonular weaknesses, decentered Pupils and tilting of Lens. (OPTIFLEX Hydrophobic Surface Acrylic foldable Aspheric Series IOLs have been tested for +/- 0.5 mm decentration and 5 degrees of angle). The unique aspheric design increases Contrast Sensitivity in low light situations.

Using 25% Hydrophilic Acrylic raw material of Benz Research & Development to manufacture OPTIFLEX IOLs, results in to thinner optic and smooth implementation through micro incision (sub 2.0 mm).

  As shown in the diagram above, in case of OPTIFLEX Hydrophobic Surface Acrylic foldable, Aspheric series IOL, the diopter remains uniform from central optical zone to the optical edge, whereas incase of conventional spherical IOL diopter shift is evident outside the central optical zone of 3.0 mm.
MO/F-013 Characteristics:

  • Hydrophobic Surface Modified IOL with Aspheric Optic
  • Aberration free optic - better depth of visual field
  • 360° square edge
  • Enhances Contrast Sensitivity, Sharpness & Clarity at night
  • Optical purity, No vacuoles
  • Smooth lens surface reduces bacterial adhesion & inflammatory cell response
  • Postpones PCO
MO/F - 013 can be produced in 12.5 mm overall size and 5° angulation on special customer demand.
Diopter Range : From 0.00 D to + 30.00 D ( 0.50 D Increments)
Special Production on demand : From - 20.00 D to 0.00 D and + 30.00 D to +45.00 D (0.50 D increments)