Optiflex Hydrophobic Aspheric IOL from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
MO/F-022 MO/F-023
  MO/F-022 MO/F-023
MaterialHydrophobic AcrylicHydrophobic Acrylic containing Natural Chromophore
Optic TypeSingle Piece, 360° Square Edge with Aspheric OpticSingle Piece, 360° Square Edge with Aspheric Optic
Optical Size 6.0 mm 6.0 mm
Overall Size13.0 mm13.0 mm
ACD5.28 mm5.28 mm
Refractive Index1.4831.483
Estimated A-Constant118.5118.5
Recommended Optical A-Constants SRK - T 119.1 SRK - T 119.00
SRK - II: 119.5SRK - II 119.4
Holl 1 Const SF: 1.85Holl 1 Const SF: 1.82
HAIGIS: a0:1.37, a1:0.40, a2:0.10HAIGIS - a0:1.42, a1:0.40, a2:0.10
Barrett : 1.67Barrett : 1.67
Hill-RBF : 118.60Hill-RBF : 118.60
Diopter Range+5.0 to +30.0 D ( with 0.5 D steps )+5.0 to +30.0 D ( with 0.5 D steps )
Implantation SiteCapsular BagCapsular Bag
Optiflex Aspheric Hydrophobic IOLs are manufactured using raw material of Benz Research & Development.

With Abbe number 49, the hydrophobic material minimizes chromatic aberration to increase functional visionfor the patient. With controlled unfolding, these IOLs allow adequate time for the surgeon for I/A and Capsulepolishing.

MO/F-023 model has a patented (US Patent 7,947,796) Natural Yellow Chromophore which is identical to the one in the human Crystalline Lens and filters UV A & Violet light while allowing required Blue light to increase low light Contrast Sensitivity and Color Perception.

 A breakthrough in hydrophobic IOL technology - Aspheric Series:
  • Controlled surgical manipulation
  • Enhanced bio-adhesion
  • Increased bio-mechanical stability
  • Excellent folding & unfolding
  • No fluid exchange in Aqueous Humor
  • Resistant to environmental stress or environmental condition like temperature, humidity and contamination and hence reduced risks of inflammation
 MO/F-022 & MO/F-023 Characteristics:
  • Optiflex Hydrophobic Aspheric IOLs have excellent tackiness, resulting into good contact with posterior capsule and postponed PCO
  • Supplied with CE certified disposable delivery system
  • Sub 2.8 mm incision size
  • 360 square edge
  • Image quality is increased through Aspheric Optic with negative aberration correction
  • IOL remains Glistenings-free
  • Improves Scotopic Vision
  • Doesn't affect Circadian rhythm
  • High Abbe no. 49 - reduces Chromatic Aberration
  • MO/F-023 contains Natural Yellow chromophore to reduce ARMD.

   MO/F 022 & MO/F - 023 can be produced with 5° angulation on special customer demand.