OPTIFLEX Sodium Hyaluronate  from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
  • It is isotonic, non-pyrogenic and non-inflammatory viscoelastic agent containing Hydroxy Propyl Methyl Cellulose 2% w/v. It has high refractive index and excellent flow characteristics.
  • It is indicated for use as an ophthalmic surgical aid in Anterior Segment surgical procedures, including cataract extraction and Intraocular lens implantation.
  • pH : between 6.8 to 7.6
  • Osmolarity : 270 - 400 mOsm/kg
  • Viscosity at rest: 4500 - 9500 mPas
   Favorable Properties For Ophthalmic Surgery:
  • Viscosity : Creates solid surgical space, Stays in the eye during capsule opening, easily manipulates tissues, lubricates the implant, instruments and tissues
  • Dispersive Nature : This helps in better adherence of the viscoelastic agent to Corneal Endothelium, resulting in better protection of the Corneal Endothelium against fluid turbulence and lens fragments during Phacoemulsification.
  • Higher Refractive Index and Optical Clarity : This enables an unobstructed view of the surgical field throughout Capsulorhexis and Phacoemulsification.
  • Low Molecular Weight : This allows rapid removal with minimalrisk of elevated intraocular pressure.
  • Simple Storage: HPMC does not require refrigeration which simplifies storage requirements at hospitals and clinics.
  • More Volume : 2.0 ml of volume allows liberal use-both fill the Anterior Chamber and coat the Cornea allowing the surgeon to minimize surgical steps and save time.
  • Blister containing 2.0 ml product in glass PFS with Luer-lock
  • Disposable 23 gauge cannula
  • Instructions For Use