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  Increase your surgical capabilities in Retinal Detachment management:
  OPTISOL brand Perfluoro-n-Octane and Perfluorodecalin are sterile, non-pyrogenic and purified Perfluorocarbon (PFC) liquids for temporary use as a mechanical tool during Vitroretinal surgery.
  They offer a temporary tamponade for efficientre-attachment of the Retina.They are used in the surgical management of Retinal Detachment with Giant Tears, Retinal Detachment with Proliferative Vitreoretinopathy, Traumatic Retinal Detachment, Subluxated Lenses & Retinal Bleeding.
    Properties that make your procedure more efficient, with less risk of subretinal fluids, reducing the need     for Posterior Retinotomy:

  • Biologically Inert:
    • -OPTISOL brand Perfluorocarbon liquids are highly purified and hence they are biologically inert and non-toxic. They are very well tolerated following short term exposure.
  • High Specific Gravities:
    • -By virtue of their high specific gravity, function as a mechanical tool during vitroretinal surgery, providing hydrokinetic manipulation of the detached Retina.This high specific gravity allows OPTISOL Perfluorocarbon liquids to be infused over the posterior portion of the Retina to facilitate Retinal flattening and anterior displacement of subretinal fluid.
  • Optically Clear:
    • -OPTISOL brand Perfluoro-n- Octane and Perfluorodecalin are optically clear and do not absorb the wavelengths used for Retinal Photocoagulation. This property allows the surgeon to see the Retina clearly through the Perfluorocarbon liquid and apply laser directly to lesions just under the Perfluorocarbon liquid. It also eliminates the optical reflexes encountered when you dissect under oil.
  • Immiscibility with water and other intraopeartive agents:
    • -They are immiscible with water, ionic solutions and common organic solvents. They form droplets that make it easy to both observe during surgery and their removal during aspiration.
  • Low Viscosity
    • -The low viscosity of Perfluorocarbon liquids allows these substances to be injected and aspirated with relative ease through small gauge ports during Vitreoretinal surgery.
  • Favorable Surface Tension
    • -OPTISOL brand Perfluoro-n-Octane and Perfluorodecalin have surface tensions around 15 dynes/cm at room temperature (in comparison, waters surface tension is above 70 dynes/cm at room temperature). The tension at the interface between a given Perfluorocarbon liquid and water is therefore similar to that between Silicone Oil and water. Thus, Perfluorocarbon liquids remain cohesive and tend to not separate into small globules, a property that is of critical advantage to the Vitreoretinal surgeon during a controlled flattening of a detached Retina.
  • OPTISOL Perfluoro-n-Octane Blister containing 5.0 ml/7.0 ml product in Vial/PFS with Luer-lock
  • OPTISOL Perfluorodecalin Blister containing 5.0 ml/7.0 ml product in Vial/PFS with Luer-lock
  • Instructions For Use