Optiflex Sodium Hyaluronate  from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
  • OPTIVISC SINGLE is highly viscous gel formulated with high molecular weight (3 Mio Dalton) injectable grade hyaluronic acid from bio-fermentative origin. OPTIVSC SINGLE is a sterile viscoelastic gel of highly concentrated cross-linked hyaluronic acid having 60 mg per 2 ml and 90 mg per 3 ml syringe. OPTIVISC SINGLE is a 3% cross-linked hyaluronic acid gel indicated for use as an intra-articular injection in the patients suffering from Osteoarthritis of knee joint. OPTIVISC SINGLE is recommended for single injection treatment regimen. OPTIVISC SINGLE provides pain relief and improved joint mobility function. OPTIVISC SINGLE is available in 2 ml and 3 ml pre-filled syringe terminally sterilized in a user friendly blister.