Pre-loaded IOL Delivery System  from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
MO/HF-011 & MO/HF-012
IOL Specifications:
MaterialClear Hydrophobic Natural Yellow Hydrophobic
Optic TypeBiconvex Aspheric Optic Biconvex Aspheric Optic
Optic Size6.0 mm 6.0 mm
Overall Size13.0 mm 13.0 mm
Refractive Index1.524 1.524
Estimated A-Constant118.5 118.5
Recommended Optical A-ConstantsSRK - T 118.4 SRK - T 118.4
SRK - II 118.6 SRK - II 118.6
Holl 1 Const SF: 1.46Holl 1 Const SF: 1.46
HOFFER - Q ACD: 5.25HOFFER - Q ACD: 5.25
HAIGIS: a0:1.03, a1:0.40, a2:0.10HAIGIS: a0:1.03, a1:0.40, a2:0.10
Barrett : 1.57Barrett : 1.57
Diopter Range+5.0 D to +30.0 D (with 0.5D step)+5.0 D to +30.0 D (with 0.5D step)
Implantation SiteCapsular BagCapsular Bag
Incision Size2.2 mm2.2 mm
System Characteristics:
  • Safe & reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Single use Pre-loaded IOL delivery system to eliminate cross contamination
  • In the bag delivery
Instructions for Use:

Inject adequate amount of Visco-elastic from OVD port visible on left side of the device
Gently push the plunger till "click" sound & the leading haptic is bent
Remove the lens stopper from the cartridge
Insert the cartridge tip gently with bevel down position,retract the plunger once & push the plunger gently again for smooth IOL delivery