Pre-loaded IOL Delivery System  from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
MaterialNatural Yellow Hydrophobic
Optic TypeBiconvexToric Aspheric Optic
Optic Size6.00mm
Overall Size13.00mm
Refractive Index1.483
Estimated A-Constant118.5
Recommended Optical A-ConstantsSRK - T 118.7
SRK - II 118.9
Holl 1 Const SF: 1.66
HOFFER - Q ACD: 5.45
HAIGIS: a0:1.30, a1:0.40, a2:0.10
Barrett : 1.73
Hill-RBF : 118.70
Diopter Range+10.0 D to +30.0 D (with 0.5D step)
Implantation SiteCapsular Bag
Modal Cylindrical Power Recommended Correction Range of Corneal Astigmatism Correction
At IOL Plane At Corneal Plane*
MO/HFY-013C01.501.50 D1.03 D0.75 - 1.25 D
MO/HFY-013C02.252.25 D1.54 D1.26 - 1.75 D
MO/HFY-013C03.003.00 D2.05 D1.76 - 2.25 D
MO/HFY-013C03.753.75 D2.57 D2.26 - 2.75 D
MO/HFY-013C04.504.50 D3.08 D2.76 - 3.25 D
MO/HFY-013C05.255.25 D3.60 D3.26 - 3.75 D
MO/HFY-013C06.006.00 D4.11 D3.76 D and abvove

OPTIFLEX TORIC IOLs are intended to be implanted in the Capsular Bag of eye for visual correction of Aphakia& pre-existing Corneal Astigmatism in adult patients with or without Presbyopia, who desire improved uncorrected distance vision, reduction of residual refractive cylindrical error & increased spectacle independency for distance vision.

MO/HFY-013 Characteristics:
  • Predictable Astigmatic Correction
  • Excellent Rotational Stability
  • Reduced PCO with 360° Advanced Square Edge & tackiness
  • Superior visual quality with aspheric optic design

User friendly & accurate OPTIFLEX TORIC Calculator provides OPTIFLEX TORIC IOL model recommendation, Cylindrical Power & intended axis of IOL placement in the Capsular Bag.

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