OPTIFLEX Aspheric IOL from Moss Vision Inc Ltd
  0.06% Trypan Blue Ophthalmic Solution
  • Optiblue is a sterile solution of 0.06% w/v Trypan Blue (an acid di-azo group dye) and it is use as an aid in cataract surgery by staining the anterior capsule of the lens.
  • Inadequate visualization of the anterior lens capsule may result in an incomplete capsulorhexis, which carries a high risk of redial capsule rears and associated complications. When the anterior lens capsule is stained with Optiblue, it becomes more visible, facilitating capsulorhexis and minimizing the risk of tearing. Optiblue is useful in absence of a red fundus reflex, and reduces the risk of capsulorhexis-related complications by better visualization redial capsule tears.
  • Optiblue can be injected directly onto the anterior lens capsule.
  • Optiblue has been developed as an aid in ophthalmic surgery when performing cataract operations in the anterior segment of the eye.
  • Blister containing 1.0 ml product in PFS with Luer-lock
  • Disposable 27 gauge cannula
  • Instruction for use